Ideas and Prototyping

This past week I went to “Learning to Love Beautiful Me” which was a body image event. There were speakers there talking about eating disorders and how they affect people mentally and physically. There were activities that are designed to shine light on the beautiful aspects of a person such as decorating a mirror, and writing how you’re real and not a Barbie doll on … Continue reading Ideas and Prototyping


My thesis isn’t clear and I’m not sure how I’m going to go with my “packaging super-powers” idea, so back to the drawing board, but I should really say painting board. I was painting with friends and realized that this painting is hiding the woman’s face, what doesn’t she like about herself enough to hide, then I began exploring self-love through painting even more because … Continue reading Re-evaluation

“Translation”, Confusion, and Realization.

Jinhwan Kim’s “Translation” lecture made me realize the importance of expectation vs. reality. Emails leading up to the event made me think that he was going to discuss user experience and show his websites. The descriptions in the emails promoting the lecture only talked about how he was a UX and UI designer and how he loved typography, I had no idea the lecture was … Continue reading “Translation”, Confusion, and Realization.

Capstone Conversation and Ideation

Over this last week I became more solidified on my idea of exploring self-love through super powers. I conducted mini interviews with my friends and family and here’s what I got from them (one can be found here) Mom: means that you’re proud of yourself and your accomplishments… I like what I do, I like my looks… If I had super powers it would enhance … Continue reading Capstone Conversation and Ideation

Finding an Abstract

This week’s brainstorming was extremely tough. I created list after list at random times in the day throughout the week including in other classes. Finally on Sunday I sat down and created 4.5 solid lists that actually have some type of thought behind it. The lists are: What do I like/interested in, What do I hate, Who am I, disruption brainstorm and thesis questions. I … Continue reading Finding an Abstract

Senior Capstone: Brain Storming & Research

Working with my classmates, we thought of two possibilities of themes for our senior thesis which are disrupt and perception. A few artists I would like to keep in mind while thinking of creating my own ideas are: Gerhard Richter – “Overpainted” Photographs  Aliza Razell – Watercolor on Photographs   Deborah Younglao – Silk Scarf Painter  I also found a case study on Kalla, a flower delivery … Continue reading Senior Capstone: Brain Storming & Research