Capstone Reflection

How have your own abilities and professional skills developed while working on this project and how do you intend to further build on these skills in the future?

While going through this process, I knew that I wanted to apply a focus on marketing. My first attempt was product design, and my final idea was a campaign. I used my design skills to create posters that will grab the attention of my audience to depression. If my campaign “debut” goes successfully and I have the time, I would really like create a website to further discussion on the issue because I feel like it’s important for people to know about depression.


What have you learned about the creative process that could be applied to other situations or projects?

I learned to write down every idea that comes to mind, I have random sentences in my journal, notes in my phone, and texts and emails I’ve sent to myself. From now on when working on a large project I’ll make sure to walk around with a small journal to keep all of my ideas in.


How has your creative process changed as a result of working on this project?

My creative process hasn’t really changed much. I always brainstorm lists and doodle my ideas out before working on a project. I also ask opinions on my projects as well, this was just a more intense version of what I already do.


What have you learned about how to research and critically analyze resources? Focus on the positives as well as the problems you encountered.

I learned that while researching I shouldn’t just gather information, but actually sit down and think about how it directly relates to my project. The problems I found were usually finding very interesting information, yet it didn’t quite fit into my project(s). I had that new knowledge that seemed important to include but no way to incorporate it into my project. Using sources for a design problem is much different than an essay. I can’t just use a quote and cite my source I have to translate my research into my design.

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