New Capstone Idea!!!

With one week left, I’ve decided to change my project idea. The superhero/self-love thing was confusing to a lot of people and how can I do a project about self-love when I don’t believe in it myself?

I decided to focus my project on depression, with a goal to raise awareness about the symptoms and the types.

I started out with an idea of ho I deal with depression. I focus on the elements and center myself that way. I brainstormed my thought process of when I’m freaking out and how I try to calm down

Air: (1) you need it you have it. breathe just breathe. You’re ok. You’re fine. Don’t think just breathe. (2) Breathe, You’re ok, just breathe. ignore everything else. Don’t think just breathe.

Earth: (1) Stay here. You don’t need to move. Stay. Don’t hide. ok, go find a safe place. No not here it’s too open. Remember to breathe. Breathe and hide. (2) Stay here, don’t hide. ok fine go hide over there. I’m not safe here, go somewhere else. I’m not safe, I’m cold, stay calm. Just breathe.

Fire: (1) It’s not hot. it’s just you, you’re safe. You’re hidden. It’s not hot imagine a cold place. Don’t forget to breathe. Hide. Breathe. Cold place. (2) I’m hot. I’m cold. I’m shaking. It hurts. I’m cold. Stay calm. Imagine being calm. Just breathe.

Water: (1) Loose muscles can’t move. I Don’t want to move. waves of calm, waves of pain. Is that a tear? Don’t cry. Crying shows how weak you are. Breathe, Hide, Cold, Don’t cry. (2) I Can’t move. I don’t want to. Wave of calm. Wave of pain. Stay calm. Just breathe.

Old title ideas:

A day in her shoes, Earth shoes, Elemental Path, Steps, Elemental steps, Take a step in my element, Step elements, freaking out, step into my shoes.

The idea was to experience just a fragment of my mind and how depression effects it, I would’ve kept my painted shoes aspect. Other ideas I thought of were collage, paint, shoes and scarves, worn shoes, normal shoes.

The problem I wanted to solve was to inform the audience of my own personal experiences with depression. (another way of wording it is) Depression and anxiety takes on many forms and varies from person to person. My depression is misunderstood and overlooked. They are an element of my life and people should begin to understand how my brain works.

Talking it through

I talked to my counselor about this project, and she agreed that I couldn’t relate to the self-love aspect if I didn’t believe in it myself. She also believed that I already seemed more animated talking about this project because it’s more about myself.

Old layouts—


I had the idea of having the audience hide their thoughts behind a scarf the same way I hide my thoughts, but that seemed redundant.



After meeting with Meghan and Chris, I realized that I needed to not focus on myself as much, and maybe scrap my element idea and focus more on design. I decided to make my thoughts a background texture. All of the campaigns I researched were light and airy but depressed people aren’t for a lot of the time. So having my scattered thoughts behind my title and in other aspects of my work will help get the message across of the symptoms of depression. This isn’t a project to discuss a cure and help. but to make people are that there is a problem.

I want to mount my designs on canvas because 1) It has more sizes than foam board 2) It stands out a lot more 3)art is often a method for depression and I’m painting and covering the canvas.

New Layouts–



I want to have vinyl in the center saying the symptoms of depression (I tested the vinyl machine, and I remember how to work it) To get more of the darker message across, I’m having some painting be shown, that are “pretty” but then destroyed with ink/black paint. The other canvases will have the info-graphic mounted on it. The t-shirts will say “I’m not _____ I’m depressed” with the blanks filled in with “angry” “sad” “Tired”

(not sure about the shoes yet, they would be stenciled with vinyl and have the same treatment as the t-shirts)

All of the campaigns I researched had some kind of merchandise. I also want to create a Instagram page with posts about depression.

Here’s my attempt at an artist statement on my new project:

I’m not sad, I’m depressed. I have struggled with depression for some time now and I have noticed a lack of awareness among my peers on the subject. I’m raising awareness on the types and indicators of depression through this campaign.

Without knowing the basis for the data, statistics are just empty numbers. I did not include statistics for this reason. This campaign includes a display of information on the various types of depression, as well as marketing materials. This is where a volunteer starts, it’s up to them to continue to work for the cause.

Here’s some of my new research

Depression-Anxiety Research

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