Shoes Shoes and more Shoes

These shoes were made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do.

I tiled my posters to see how they look and found minute edits to make such as really small gaps in my logo.



This week my marketing professor Takisha Toler got back to me on my ads and pointed something out that should’ve been obvious, I never say anywhere on it what I’m selling! I’m adding a tagline onto my top banner poster that actually says that I’m selling shoes. I’m also changing my design slightly from the feedback I got in class to change the background color to correspond with each shoe that I’m creating.

On Monday I met with Lori, and I showed her my tiled posters and shoe “drafts” she liked the shoe with the flames surrounding it, and told me to make small changes to the layout of the posters and also said to and a background color.

I painted my shoes and tried to use the eyedropper tool after taking a photo of them in order to choose a background color and it was absolutely not working. I couldn’t find a color that worked with any of my pre-established colors and I don’t have time to change it. I also completely scraped my box idea because it was $50 for the boxes but them $100 to ship it! The shelves I ordered to put my shoes on are slightly smaller than planned, but they’ll work fine because I need less space if I’m not doing boxes.

I thought of the tagline “a shoe that fits you” to play off of literally shoes that fit and also because the power they represent represents an aspect of that person. Professor Ruebling also noticed that my logo looks like an envelope, and rather than go back and change it which I don’t have time for, In class Wednesday I’ll print some out that people in the gallery can take and hypothetically follow the fold lines to mail ideas for a super power to my fake company.

Shoe Prototyping:


If I have time I plan on re-doing the speed shoe because It’s not quite looking how I want it to. Also to make the strength shoe white. In class I would also like to create my trifold explaining each shoe, if the class thinks it’s still needed. I’ll also send the posters to the printer (AKA my brother) in class if I get the ok. I feel like the envelops are a nice add on so that way people can actually take more steps to self-love and think of more good traits they would like to see on a shoe. After speaking to my counselor this week as well, Self-love takes a conscious effort. and if people write what they like about them selves down, it sticks even more.




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