MICA Gallery visit

MICA’s graphic design M.F.A. exhibit showed a variety of work from posters, plants, music and games. The subject matters ranged from smoking, to amputees and gardening. All of the work in this gallery space could be categorized as a sort of journey. Each piece either had a character go on a journey, showed the process of the artist, or showed how to get involved in a process/journey.

Ashes to Ashes in MICA’s Graphic design, M.F.A. exhibit showed hand-made posters that increasingly got more digital as it reached the viewer. The posters all said “smoking is injurious to health”. There were vinyl boxes that had a year, and excerpts from the artist. The project was about the artist’s journey to becoming a non-smoker, and encouraging others to do the same. There was also a monitor so I’m assuming there’s a video that hasn’t been displayed yet as well.

Because Ashes to Ashes had posters and boxes involved, I found that it was the most similar to my project. I had already realized that I can move upward with my design and stacking boxes to fill the space more. However, by analyzing the work closely some of the vinyl lettering on the boxes came off and didn’t match up when it was wrapped around. I’m definitely ordering my boxes after seeing this, but to differentiate my boxes I was going to use vinyl lettering. I need to make sure I order extra boxes so I can practice and make sure the vinyl will stick, and if not find another solution.

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