Feedback and Progress

On Thursday afternoon I meet with Inna Alesina to discuss my capstone project. The meeting was rushed but I still got some feedback. Inna gave me feedback on my title (Evolution) and told me to focus on what I want my audience to get out of my brand. Inna said that Evolution reminded her of evolution vs. creation and that’s not what I wanted. She also wanted me to think about what I want my viewers to feel when they see my project. I answered that question in my document I sent to my marketing professors and I’m still waiting on feedback for that. What I want my audience to get out of my brand is to realize that they don’t need anything extra to realize what they like about themselves. I don’t want them to do any action, I just want to open up their minds.

I ended up re-brainstorming a title and came up with “Love Your Power” and new logo ideas. Then on Monday I met with Lori Ruebling and she told me that I’m on a great track with my new name but my old logo didn’t quite fit my brand. ( I didn’t end up showing my packaging design because illustrator on my computer kept crashing)

Monday night and today (Tuesday) I went through and redesigned my logo. I also changed up my packaging design to fit my new logo. Lori also gave me feed back on how to go about ordering a box. Because the boxes are so expensive, I needed to keep my design simpler than my original plan of being more descriptive. To differentiate the boxes, I’ll use the vinyl machine to create the titles. So far seems the most affordable and ships quickly. Ideally I would like to order boxes by Friday.


Lori also told me to think about who my target audience would be- as products aren’t for every consumer and I think that I want my target audience to be women in their late teens-early 20s. This doesn’t exclude men but I feel as though my color scheme is very feminine and would attract women the most.

I also brainstormed what will go into each box and debating weather to brand every single item or have “Love Your Power” have a signature item in every box and then have normal brand name products.

Below are my process sketches, designs, and document I sent out to marketing professors…

Original layout

Scan_20170328 (3).png

New name ideas…


Newer logo ideas

Scan_20170328 (2)

This is the original document I was going to send to professors with the old (newish?) logo…


(I chose pastel colors and painted textures because while asking friends and family hat colors remind them of love they said red, but when I said self-love they all said pastel colors. The painted textures is to bring more of myself into the project)

Box original ideas

I had wanted to name what was in it like nutrition labels, but the more pixels with information on the box design, the more it costs.

Scan_20170328 (4).png

New box ideas..

Scan_20170328 (5).png

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