The Road So Far…

In the beginning of my project I had my mind set on photography and painting. I wanted to photograph one of my friends and paint various super abilities around her such as fire or wings. I didn’t have any rhyme or reason to it, it was just something I wanted to do.


Then I got more into the self-love aspect and wondered how people would relate to just mages of her. (She also moved away so the whole idea was a bust.) In class it was mentioned how your project should relate to what you want to do and I would like to work in advertising and get my masters in strategic design. Therefore I had to change my execution but I couldn’t just scrap all of the research I did. So I thought of the upgrade kits.


The upgrade kits had a problem though, it went against my idea of self-love and acceptance. Then on the way to Germany this past week I brain-stormed a solution. (A solution I completely forgot about until searching through my notebook today.  That trip was mentally and physically exhausting.) All I had to do was change my language! Instead of saying something along the lines of “I’m fat so I need to get this kit” I would be saying “I love my legs so I need to get the super speed kit” and the kit would have normal things in it and show them that they are already super. It would make my audience think about what they like about themselves rather than think about what they hate and I believe it’s a really good solution. I am going to have a banner ad that explains my idea (explains the brand) and then a poster for each product that explains what’s inside and somewhere on the box or as a tagline say that the audience is already super.


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