Berlin to Capstone

While I had my photography trip to Berlin, I ran into a lot of things that apply to my capstone. On the plane ride there I was trying to decide between painting a pattern, scanning it into the computer, and then using it in the design of my advertisements or completely using graphic elements. I want to have my painting in my capstone because I think it not only says something about me but makes each box look more individualized because they aren’t the same. (from my marketing classes, I learned that products that have different colors or patterns on boxes even though they contain the same thing on the inside sell better than those that don’t)

I didn’t come to a conclusion until half way through the trip when we went to a graffiti workshop. At the workshop we used stencils to create the design, then I had the idea to stencil out my designed advertisements and then use paint to fill in the stencil so it still looks hand painted. I was thinking only some of the design should be painted in and I can use our sticker or vinyl machine for the rest of the design as I don’t think I am going to actually make the boxes but put my design on the outside.

I went into a store called “Dogo” and found superheroes printed on shoes in a sketch-like design. I know that in one of my upgrade kits I want to include shoes that I paint on free hand or make a stencil for so these give me an idea of how I could do that.

I have decided that I’m going to stick with my original idea of the set-up of my project. There is going to be a large banner type ad that runs horizontally over my whole section in the gallery. This poster will be a general poster for my created brand. Then there are going to be 3-4 (4 if I get a corner space) posters that explain the individual projects that would say something along the lines of “I love my legs” and then describe what’s in the box. Finally I will have to boxes with the items in them, I think I’m going to leave one or two closed but then the other open so people know that they can actually look in the boxes. I want to stick with my advertisement idea because I would want to work at an advertising agency and I haven’t really done any projects to show that I would want to do that.

I also created a schedule of my weeks leading up to the Gallery show.

Friday, March 24th Finalize logo, color-scheme, and typefaces. Begin Packaging designs (find/create templates etc.)

Sunday, March 26th continue packaging design, Begin designing products

Sunday, April 2nd Finish Packaging design & Get feedback, continue designing products, Start Designing posters

April 5 Gallery Visit & Planning Edit & finish packaging design

Sunday, April 9th Finish Product design and get feedback, Continue Designing Posters

April 12 Finalize Installation Plan Edit and finalize product design

Sunday, April 16th Finish Designing Posters & get feedback

Sunday, April 23rd finalize all designs

April 26 Installation Begins

April 26th Begin installation

May 3rd Complete installation

May 5 Gallery Open to Public

May 11 Gallery Opening Event


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