I plan on pursuing my kit idea, however after in class meetings I realize now how contradictory my idea actually is. They make people think about their flaws as like I want, but providing a box of things to “fix” them isn’t the idea I want people to have about my project. I want my project to bring to mind people’s flaws, then show them that they can be super by mundane items but it comes off all wrong.

After speaking with a past professor Inna Alesina, she asked me what I would like people to realize when they see my work and what I want them to do after. I want my work to have people think about what hinders them from having positive, non-narcissist self-love and that they don’t need to fix these things to become super. As for what I want viewers to do after they see my work, I have absolutely no idea. Inna said that my problem is a “wicked” problem meaning there is no one correct answer. So I have many opportunities to explore body-image in relation to non-narcissist self-love and I need to narrow my idea down.

A few emails back and forth with Lori Rubeling and she understood my idea as asking my audience to “Transform themselves into super hero alter ego”. (But how will I relate this with self-love?) She also had the idea to simplify my idea into a superhero brand ambassador that can be incorporated into a brand. After my in-class meeting I understood this as a critique of our culture. Lori had also said that these powers would help people grow and become healthier.

I think that the answer to Inna’s question would be that I want people to take the steps they need to grow as Lori said. I want people to realize their lack of self-love and be aware that self-love is important in growth.

I brainstormed most of the class time today because I am just so stumped, some ideas I have are:

  1. What if I made grocery isles where you can build your own power but it’s just normal items, but how does this idea relate to self-love?
  2. Keep the upgrade kits and drop the self-love idea (this idea was created out of frustration and I won’t pursue it)
  3. Something like the “neuro” drinks that help with sleep, energy etc. Brand some drinks that supposedly fix people’s mindsets. This could call attention to people’s insecurities without making assumptions on what they are.
  4. What is the Evolution advertisements say everyone is super rather than point out problems, there is still a disconnect to self-love though.
  5. Change the idea of kits to say “I Love my legs” and that would be the speed kit. “I love my arms” and that would be strength

I am a designer. I have taken marketing classes and know how consumers think. I just need to create a design that markets my idea to the consumer and that’s the hard part.

I made a budget for my previous ideas before my in-class meeting as well.

  • Idea 1: Body paint
    • Multi-color body paint= Amazon = $13.99
  • Idea 2: Evolution kit
    • Box 1: Speed
      • Shoes: (already have a pair for practice) Easy USA black- $12.99
      •  Fabric paint: (already have some) amazon multi-pack: $19.99
      •  Deodorant stick: Already have
    • Box 2: Invisibility
      • Scarf: Dharma trading – $6.00
      • Hat: $7.99

I also made some more rough logo iterations for “Evolution”



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