Ideas and Prototyping

This past week I went to “Learning to Love Beautiful Me” which was a body image event. There were speakers there talking about eating disorders and how they affect people mentally and physically. There were activities that are designed to shine light on the beautiful aspects of a person such as decorating a mirror, and writing how you’re real and not a Barbie doll on a slip of paper and putting it into a box. After going to this presentation, I’ve decided to focus more about body-image when talking about self-love. My new abstract is:

I plan to bring awareness to the various levels of self-love in the body image of people by comparing common ailments to superheroes.


  • Figurines
    • Figurines would be a cool way to break superhero stereotypes. I would 3-d print a person that has super speed (It would be made clear by a poster above the figurine) but is also over weight. The superhero with super strength would be lanky, etc. I’ve been teaching myself Photoshop 3-D and it’s still pretty rough. In the past I have used Tinkercad and a lego type superhero may be what I make If I still can’t understand this new feature in Photoshop. (looks like is going to be my new bff!)

IMG_7999what even is 3d photoshop

    • Note: could make figurines with something else—clay, even playdoh
  • “Evolution” upgrade kits
    • This is still my favorite idea and below is an extremely rough sketch about how I would set up the space. I want posters advertising towards the separate kits. For example a poster would advertise that people who want to lose weight would get the super speed kit, but the box is filled with mundane items. I have also been collection a lot of materials to prepare for if I were to pursue this idea.

kmolyneaux-layout (the layout for the products)


logo ideas…


  • Note: ask marketing teachers for ideas
  • Comics
    • This idea stems from my previous spiral bound book idea then I thought about how I could relate it to superheroes and my answer was obvious. I’m just using the paint swatches to prototype but I like the effect that the comic is getting.
  • comicbooksIMG_8004
    • Note: More realistic cartoons or not?
  • Body painting
    • I just plain googled body image art and saw photos of artists painting people to look like animals and galaxies. I decided to start painting on my hand and I like where this is going! (I was trying to paint along my veins for an “its in my blood” message. It didn’t work out too well)
    • IMG_8005
    • Note: invest in body paint for this one
  • Masks (this is really more of a 4.5)
    • This idea occurred when I was painting on my hand and realized that make-up must be easier to work with on skin (obviously). Then I thought that I could cover my eyes in a sort of mask that show how beauty today calls for such drastic changes to yourself.
  • IMG_8009
    • Note: watch more make-up tutorials to see what they do, replicate with a crazy color. Would have text on the posters explaining a power. These would be more of the 4 elements based probably)


Here’s a link to my new abstract proposal.  kmolyneaux-abstract-final


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