Meals for one!

Being in college means that I can’t afford to make big meals for everyone like I do at home, SO I found a really easy alternative that could still make some left overs so I don’t have to  spend and hour cooking for myself everyday.

Step 1: Buy food!

I find individually wrapped chicken. Tyson has this really cool “ice glazed” boneless and skinless raw chicken that makes it easy to take out just one piece from the bag. I also find quick and easy Pasta-sides and get some bags of microwave Steam-able veggies. (I already have seasonings of choice, if you don’t, then get that as well!)

Step 2: Prep food!

The night before, I take two pieces of chicken and let it marinade in two different sauces. I usually can fit them in small sandwich bags, but if not I just use a bowl and cover it with foil. My marinades are usually BBQ and Teriyaki, but sometimes I marinade it in a garlic mixture, Jerk chicken sauce, or lemon pepper.

Step 3: Cook!

Before I start my homework, I put the chicken in the toaster-oven (you can use a regular oven too). I put the two pieces of chicken on separate pieces of foil and close it up (not tightly!). Then I cook it for a bout 40 minutes, depending on the cut of chicken and what the package says. After the chicken is mostly cooked, I open one and put it back in for 10 minutes, the other I take out. While one piece is cooling and the other is cooking I make the pasta and veggies according to their package.

Step 4: EAT!

The pasta and veggies usually have at least two serving sizes so I portion out my plate and add the chicken from the toaster oven and have a lovely home-cooked meal!

Step 5: But wait, there’s more!

The other chicken should be cool by the time I’m done eating, so I put it in the fridge with the left over pasta and veggies. The next day I put the chicken back in the toaster oven for 15-20 minutes again depending on size or cut. If I fully cooked the chicken the night before, I just warm it up in the microwave. Sometimes I share with my roommates and one of them can just throw it back in the oven when they get home and eat the pasta and veggies!


Happy eating!



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