My thesis isn’t clear and I’m not sure how I’m going to go with my “packaging super-powers” idea, so back to the drawing board, but I should really say painting board.


I was painting with friends and realized that this painting is hiding the woman’s face, what doesn’t she like about herself enough to hide, then I began exploring self-love through painting even more because I find it’s easier to explore. I know that I do want to do something with advertising but maybe I really need to paint to get my ideas out and think. I decided to create some prototypes then base a thesis off of those until I can become more concise with my words. Thinking thesis first then project just isn’t working for me so it’s time to switch it up, after all people will see my work in the gallery first and may not ever read the small description!


Confusing, bumpy, lumpy, rocky, two-faced, hidden, intrusive, and ugh. Self-love=ugh.


Muddy, gross, bleak, messy, even nice aspects about my self-love is messed up, and damaged.


Effort, trying to be perfect, and Imperfection.


I also did some quick digital sketches of a logo if I were to pursue my branding super-powers idea.


While talking to my counselor about this project, she kept bringing up how self-love is an evolution and I love that for a name for this product! She also spoke about how the connection between self-love and super-powers is a tough one but she understands how I’m connecting them. Now if only I can turn it into 2 sentences instead of an hour long conversation!


My feedback from my presentation this past week was:

  • Unsure about rationale for project
  • A bit confused about how the project will be executed
  • Seems to be a disconnect between the information shared and the upgrade kit
  • Missing a lot of content
  • Concerned about the effort being applied to course
  • Self love word choice?
  • Identity through catalog of behaviors?
  • Upgrade Kit is most substantial, but also contradictory to the goal
  • Needs more work connecting the dots
  • Needs to justify reasoning for possible deliverables
  • Thesis needs focus and to be achievable in a capstone project. Revision needed.
  • As pitched, super powers seem like a bandaid to fix self-love. Is that the intent?
  • Rationale needs to include more than self projection and assumption.
  • Unsure what research will actually be taking place for this project. Details needed.

Self-love is a questionable word choice (as I figured out from research) but other alternatives such as self-acceptance doesn’t quite fit my definition. Self-acceptance and self-awareness is being aware of any problems you have and accepting that about yourself, but that doesn’t mean that you LIKE it about yourself. I could perhaps use both words while talking about my thesis to avoid any confusion to the other version of self-love I want to avoid (yikes). The purpose is to draw attention to the way people use “band-aids” to fix self love and make my audience think why they have to do that to feel happy about themselves. The research I did was case studies on how self-love and self-acceptance effect people and their behavior. I found a lot about how people have to change their everyday lives in order to see a change in self-love (i.e. the fantasy of having a super-power changes their everyday life and therefore makes them happier with themselves) A link to my bibliography is here:



My new running thesis (that still needs work) is:

To bring awareness to the various levels of self-love and self-acceptance or lack thereof.



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