Ideas and Prototyping

This past week I went to “Learning to Love Beautiful Me” which was a body image event. There were speakers there talking about eating disorders and how they affect people mentally and physically. There were activities that are designed to shine light on the beautiful aspects of a person such as decorating a mirror, and writing how you’re real and not a Barbie doll on … Continue reading Ideas and Prototyping

Meals for one!

Being in college means that I can’t afford to make big meals for everyone like I do at home, SO I found a really easy alternative that could still make some left overs so I don’t have to  spend and hour cooking for myself everyday. Step 1: Buy food! I find individually wrapped chicken. Tyson has this really cool “ice glazed” boneless and skinless raw chicken that … Continue reading Meals for one!


My thesis isn’t clear and I’m not sure how I’m going to go with my “packaging super-powers” idea, so back to the drawing board, but I should really say painting board. I was painting with friends and realized that this painting is hiding the woman’s face, what doesn’t she like about herself enough to hide, then I began exploring self-love through painting even more because … Continue reading Re-evaluation