Revise Revise REVISE!

I have refined my idea further, I am interested in investigating individual’s mindset relating to their idea of self-love.

 How can we love ourselves for who we are? Why are we not enough as we are?

The topic of self-love makes me uncomfortable, it disrupts my mindset to think about how much or how little I love myself. The idea of super powers is a way to imagine myself better than I am now, therefore increasing my self-love in the time that I am having that fantasy. That’s why I would like to explore self-love.


A brainstorm session later…

I created a word wall that explored some ideas as well as concepts. Some ideas that I came up with to execute my super-power self-love project are:

Masks-representing superpowers

Door to self-love- conceptual, open a door and paired with another idea

Mirrored powers- people in the gallery can stand in a mirror of their choice and see themselves with a power, painted of projected on a mirror

Framed powers- photos of people then frame it and paint their power on the glass of the frame



Spiral books- how-to guide on loving yourself. Not really incorporating the superpowers


Shoes & Scarves- “day in someone else’s shoes” concept

Upgrade Kits-boxes of super hero materials. More based on advertising and packaging design. For example the speed kit would contain painted shoes, an energy drink, and a branded deodorant stick, fire would have matches, hot sauce etc.



Finding people to actually evaluate my revised thesis was extremely difficult. After long explanations I would get one word answers or people would just tell me what super power they would want. A lot of people gave responses such as “cool idea” or “I want to be able to fly.” Only one person really helped me and it wasn’t discussing my theme it was the wording of my thesis. Even after I pushed for more feedback I didn’t get any.


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