“Translation”, Confusion, and Realization.

Jinhwan Kim’s “Translation” lecture made me realize the importance of expectation vs. reality. Emails leading up to the event made me think that he was going to discuss user experience and show his websites. The descriptions in the emails promoting the lecture only talked about how he was a UX and UI designer and how he loved typography, I had no idea the lecture was going to be about his personal work. I believe that making sure the audience knows what they are going to receive is extremely important, and eliminating confusion from the beginning is also important when discussing your work. Mr. Kim began with his thought process rather than his final idea and I believe that added to my confusion. Yet after the full projects were revealed and after class discussion I realized how unique and personal his ideas were. His work is interactive and relevant to his life struggles. His use of typography in Korean and English letters and characters were very interesting without an explanation, but his reasoning behind his work made the art more intriguing. His makes me realize that my project should be able to stand on its own without me talking about it, but if I were to discuss my work, it would just add to the experience.



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