Capstone Conversation and Ideation

Over this last week I became more solidified on my idea of exploring self-love through super powers. I conducted mini interviews with my friends and family and here’s what I got from them (one can be found here)


  • means that you’re proud of yourself and your accomplishments… I like what I do, I like my looks…
  • If I had super powers it would enhance myself, I could blink and end up where I want to go, superman can fly anywhere, I could fly to Paris. Gene like powers.
  • Super power to play the piano by ear, I just want to play the songs I like and not have to read music
  • Enhance all of the qualities I already have
  • Believes the audience is everyone
  • Mentioned power rangers for some reason? Also Captain Planet and Avatar.


  • likes the idea of mirrors, self-love is the mirror of yourself
  • Drastic changes- painting something on shoes but also changing the type of shoe. Ex. I wear flat shoes so putting me in pumps would be a change for me.
  • -Accessory changes would be big. Ex. Putting a scarf on someone who doesn’t wear them
  • Likes the idea of being able to burst into flames
  • Captain planet also came up in conversation
  • maybe stick with earth wind fire and water (how would I portray telepathy?)


  • I want to be batman (before I asked any questions)
  • He was really confused about self-love, didn’t know what it meant
  • If you’re comfortable with what you’re good at then that’s all that matters
  • Self-love is who you are is who you are as a person. Batman just has abilities. (I then said but Batman doesn’t have any “super” powers he’s just smart)-He got very flustered when I explained and asked why he would want “ordinary” powers.
  • (after asking why he would want to change himself to have powers) grass is always greener on the other side people want what they don’t have.
  • Avatar also came up in conversation

I also went to a gallery show, Beauty etc. The displays were interesting and similar to ideas I had while journaling. In my journaling I found that the idea of taking photographs then painting on them intrigued me. I also like the idea of mirrors, scarfs, shoes, and masks (though I’m not sure how they fit quite yet). Back in elementary school I remembered we would “sketch” with little pieces of paper on a background, so this week I painted a background and sketched that was along with my journaling. I found that I really like the idea of masks as I kept creating different versions of them.


I also went to a lecture by Jinhwan Kim. While I was confused through a lot of the lecture it made me realize how important presenting my work and having a target audience is.




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