Finding an Abstract

This week’s brainstorming was extremely tough. I created list after list at random times in the day throughout the week including in other classes. Finally on Sunday I sat down and created 4.5 solid lists that actually have some type of thought behind it. The lists are: What do I like/interested in, What do I hate, Who am I, disruption brainstorm and thesis questions. I hate politics, lies, yelling, and unfair treatment so I will try to avoid those at all costs. In the “who am I” section I put passionate, emotional, hyper, depressed, and sleepy. That list didn’t make quite as much sense to make while I was brainstorming but I’m sure it will come in handy sometime. Under what I liked there was a lot more items and I put a star next to superheroes and the idea of self-love. I have always loved superheroes, and I am in love with the idea of possibly completely loving myself one day.


My disruption brainstorm included words and phrases such as: fantasies, chaos, I’m confused, lack of thought, and (most importantly I think) self-love is disruptive. Spinning off of that I decided it was time to think of thesis questions. I definitely wanted to do something with superheroes and/or self-love and at first I didn’t believe they were connected. Then I started to daydream about my friends deciding what super power they would have and I remembered how their faces absolutely lit up with excitement and I realized that they would enjoy themselves at least a little bit more if they were to have a superpower! My first abstract ideas said “What would you look like if everything went well in your life?” and “Does depression allow people to feel emotions more deeply?” Although the subject of depression intrigues me, and I’ve thought a lot about that topic I chose to avoid that topic not because it would be difficult, but for my own health. I’d rather not go any more insane this semester!


This week I visited Stevenson’s art gallery on Greenspring to see “My Father’s House” photographs by Craig Lammes. Jen Grow read an excerpt of her essay that inspired the photos. The exhibit was beautiful and inspiring. These two rock stars incorporated photographs, water color, and literature together to create a beautiful experience. I even ended up buying Jen Grow’s book “My Life As A Mermaid” when I had no intention of purchasing anything. The display inspired me to incorporate different elements in my capstone project, not just one element.


Putting all of this craziness together after careful thought and stressed out phone calls to my mother I finally have a general idea of what I want to do. I want to explore how the idea of fantasies (especially superpowers) will cause someone to love themselves even more. Why do people imagine such drastic changes to themselves? Why focus in losing 20 pounds rather than one? A quick search found that I wasn’t the only one who thought of self-love in relation to superpowers, my idea is just a little different.


I just want this project to accomplish three things:

Be challenging to myself.

Be a project that is for ME. not for someone else.

Become something that I am proud of.


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