Senior Capstone: Brain Storming & Research

Working with my classmates, we thought of two possibilities of themes for our senior thesis which are disrupt and perception. A few artists I would like to keep in mind while thinking of creating my own ideas are:

Gerhard Richter – “Overpainted” Photographs 

Aliza Razell – Watercolor on Photographs 

 Deborah Younglao – Silk Scarf Painter 

I also found a case study on Kalla, a flower delivery service. A design company calledBasic Agency took up the task re-branding a flower shop so that it differentiates from the many others in the industry. They chose an approach that is more user friendly and includes the whole package. This case study is more about branding while I would like my capstone to be based off of a social matter, but I like Kalla’s approach to the problem they faced.

Below you will find a mind map of my ideas on the subject of perception and/or disruption as I enter my Senior Capstone project at Stevenson University…


I have a few ideas from brainstorming that are worth looking into such as working with glass and somehow incorporating how I look at the world but I also still have a few fears about the process…

  • How do I stay on track and ignore other ideas that pop into my head halfway through the process?
  • What happens if I REALLY need to change my proposal, but it’s way past the due date?
  • How do you involve the viewer (either mentally or physically) rather than just give them something to look at?
  • How do you manage time working on capstone vs. other projects?
  • Is collaborating an option?
  • What if I decide I absolutely hate my idea but I have already begun working?
  • How long does it take to set up your work in the gallery?
  • How do I refine my idea?
  • How do I stay focused?
  • What if I get bored of my idea?

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