Sims 4 Legacy Challenge: Starting Out

And by “Starting Out” I mean playing for about 8 hours straight.

For those of you who don’t know, the legacy challenge is basically creating… well… a legacy. The REAL challenge is lack money, and depending on how difficult you make selecting an heir, getting the correct child to pass your stuff down to. I’m not very good at explaining the challenge, so you can find more information here.

My laws are: Strict matriarchy, modern bloodline, strength heir law and my species law is human.

My sim’s traits are: ambitious, Creative, active and domestic from the Big Happy Family aspiration.


You start out with $1,800 and a clean and clear 50×50 lot. The urge to use cheat is real folks. I made the mistake of trying to build the necessities first (bed, toilet, sink, four walls, and one light). DON’T BUILD ANYTHING YET, FIRST COLLECT STUFF! All around are flowers, frogs, fruit and rocks. COLLECT EVERYTHING FROM EVERY TOWN. I probably made thousands from just this. I ate purely apples, strawberries, onion an basil for at least one Sim week. I suggest going to work somewhere, but you can really make a lot more just collecting (I do both every Sim day).

Tip 2: Keep the RARE Frogs

If you’re dumb like me, you’ve played Sims for years and didn’t know you could breed frogs. Sell all the cheapo ones and keep two rare ones, then you can breed them and make money while your sim sleeps or is at work.

Tip 3: Live in the gym

Okay don’t actually live there, but the gym is your friend. Free shower, social activities, and you can watch T.V. while you run! My sim is athletic so she has the most fun running and T.V. watching.

Tip 4: Find a significant other FAST

I was so NOT used to the normal life span of the challenge, I was half way through young adult, collecting away when I realized I had no one to continue my legacy with! My game is probably 70% female and I wanted at least my first kids to have hetero parents, so finding a man was super hard. I was thinking of just finding whomever and adopting but every female just wasn’t with it. So I found Jalen Worthington [Adult, hates children, music lover and unemployed (idk what the other trait is)] in the game and we’ll get married the second I open up the game later and start popping out kids I’ll probably use the #LegacyLoves tag to find some sims for later generations.

Oh, and I’m not paying for a real wedding. I have bills to pay!



Here’s my house at the end of a full day’s effort (I also started a garden way off yonder)

If you have any suggestions for me, please help. Please. It’s pandemonium out here in these Sim streets.



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