A Failed Attempt at Networking.

On Thursday October 20th, I went to AIGA Baltimore‘s “How Culture Affects Typography: A Lecture by Nikki Villagomez” with the hopes of making some great contacts and having my friends there to back me up. Little did I know that everyone would beeline to find a seat then leave immediately afterwards.

That’s me above, second from the right, already seated without talking to anyone and internally planning how I was going to talk to someone after the lecture. The lecture was really intriguing and compared the typography from different places. For example, Miami had neon and graffiti typography through their city streets while Austin, TX had very large type VS. Detroit’s ghost signs and Baltimore’s historical signs. The typography in an area show what the city culture, and what the city values and no two towns are different.

“The culture that lives in a city is like a virus that is trying to stay alive” -Nikki Villagomez

After the lecture my networking attempts were foiled again. Everyone left immediately after the lecture. I had a brief conversation with the president and vice president of AIGA Baltimore who were selling t-shirts at the event, but no business cards were achieved.

Hopefully I’ll have better luck next time!


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