The Wonderful World of Design Portfolios

Creating a solid and cohesive print and web portfolio is a daunting task for anyone. Here’s just a few of some really great work I found!

ALU’s Company Design Portfolio Book

Alu’s portfolio book Showcases what they do as a company and while every page is different, the brand is still cohesive.

Carlos Robledo


print_portfolio_9This portfolio really shows how portfolios don’t have to be just a binded book of some sort, they can be different and unique.






















Sarah Bourdin


Sarah Bourdin’s portfolio’s simplicity works for their style of design. Everything in their portfolio looks as it was made just for the portfolio book.


Dyla Rosli

This resume is also unique, and it shows some of the designer’s personality!


Web Design Portfolios are another task all together. Should they be simple? show off a lot of the designer’s personality or just a little? Here’s a few I found.


This page was extremely interesting, the above image is a landing page, and his home and information pages are both parallax pages. There’s no words to explain how great this website is, please go check it out for  yourself here!


Sean’s portfolio has more of a cartoon feel and really shows his personality!


Russel Shaw’s portfolio is really organized and the user can easily find information about him.


Show me any portfolio’s you guys find interesting! Leave a comment below!

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