Strong Designer Identities

Every designer has theri own style, even if they’re like me and it’s really unclear on what it is. My eccentric designs are my style and here are 5 I found really interesting.



Socio-Design’s portfolio page is consistent in that they have a soft gray background and use different shades of gray when photographing their work. This makes the page look very clean, neat, and appealing!



The MIXD portfliosite is VERY vivid. They use a different color on each page but their color blocking is what makes their brand “mixed”. I thought it was a clever way to incorporate their name and it also doesn’t interfere with showing their work.




Charis Tsevis shows that Adobe Behance can be used as a fantastic portfolio! His style is consistent throughout his pieces (unlike mine). They’re all colorful and use interesting shows so it’s obvious that this style is what he would like toe share with the public.



For this I would like to focus on the logo for Pikaboo. They have the K peaking out from the other letters more noticably, but the logo still looks like a cohesive set because of the descender of the P and the placement of “where ideas grow”.



I love the simplicity of this branding, the logo makes the viewer think what the shapes could mean or say. I also Love the iconography on the page and how the work is very easy to find. This way if an employer wants to reference a specific project it’s easier to get to.


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