How to use up those Taco Bell sauces!

I don’t know about you guys, but the lovely taco bell cashier always gives me about 500 hot sauce packets when I ordered only 2 or 3 items off the menu! I’m not complaining about them giving so much (because some places never give enough!) but my fridge can’t handle much more of these packets.

Just don’t ask for them anymore.

You know you have plastic baggies full of the hot sauce goodness, just stop asking for more! I know it’s hard but try it out! If you don’t want cold sauce on your nice warm taco, try leaving a few where you keep your other seasonings, or rubbing the packet between your hands for a few!

Salad dressing

Spice up your life a little bit by using the packets on your salad! I use a packet and some ranch dressing and it tastes absolutely fantastic!

Add it to Ramen!

This may have been the most important thing I learned in my 3rd year at college. It made a nice soup that cleared my nose when I was cold, was a great 11pm dinner, and if you have some cheese put some of that with it and WOO, great mix with the original Ramen seasoning and a way to mix things up! (Works with soy sauce as well.)

Sauce for your chicken!

Try using the packets with your favorite cut of chicken and cook it on the stove or bake it! I just made up my own recipe for stove top chicken and it got the thumbs up from my whole family.

Kamilah’s Sweet and Mildly Spicy Wings!

About 12 Chicken wings

3 mild sauce packets (you may want to use more or less depending on preference)

About 1/4th cup brown sugar (you can put less!)

Garlic cloves or minced garlic

Dash of Onion powder

Dash of Mesquite seasoning (optional)

About 3 table spoons of honey

Olive oil

Other seasonings you like!

I covered the bottom of a frying pan with olive oil then added the minced garlic once the oil was hot. On high heat I sautéed the Garlic for a few then added half the brown sugar. Once the sugar looked a little melted I added the chicken legs. I put 2 of the packets, and the onion powder in with the chicken and stirred it around for a while, before I covered the chicken, I topped it with the rest of the sugar, the honey, the mesquite, and the other sauce packet. I let the chicken cook for about 30 mins on medium-low heat, moving it around every 10 minutes or so. Then I turned up the heat so the chicken could brown up and some of the juice from the chicken could evaporate (about 10 minutes). Then you just enjoy! If you like a little more spice in your life add more sauce packets or use more intense flavors!


Let me know any other fun recipes that you think of with the sauces!



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