Why are Video Games so Lit?

Literature, or not literature, that is the question.

All puns aside, a lot of video games do qualify as literature even though it’s not a popular idea. Video Games as art? Of course! Video Games as Lit? Not so much. Games such as Bio Shock, The Walking Dead, Life is Strange, The Wolf Among Us, Until Dawn and so many more all have stories involved that follow the traditional story outline. The have an introduction, rising action, climax, falling action/wrap up and a conclusion. Most games follow this story roller coaster that we’ve all learned (but some do a better job at it than others.)

Key aspects that are unique to game lit are decisions incorporated into game play, the protagonist realizes something about themselves, and now-a-days most of these games have multiple endings. Creating this unique layout greatly differs from traditional lit. In writing literature there is usually one author (sometimes two) and then its sent to a publication agency where it’s edited and finessed. Writing a video game required a team, and a lot of revisions plus working with the animation department to make sure it all works together. If the group doesn’t work together, the game will feel in consistent or the story wont match the art work or game mechanics.

In my group video game project where we had to create the concept for a game, I realized that communication is essential. If not everyone knows what the main idea is, the could game could fall apart. Also a lot of repeating went on, its important to know exactly who is writing what, and what is going to be revealed first so there isn’t a backstory scene in 10 different areas of the story.

I could see myself in the game writing career in the future because it was fun creating concepts and seeing the idea come to life. Though the job would be incredibly stressful.


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