The Walking Dead Seasons 1 and 2: Summing it up.

Here’s a link to my play through of season 1, and here’s season 2.

Season 2 really kicked off, creating more choices and outcomes than Season 1. By the end of Season 2 Episode 4 , I was feeling like the group was definitely going to fall apart (because of Kenny being a butt, the baby not having Rebecca, and overall pandemonium.) The ending of Episode 5 of Season 2 was an absolute roller coaster. I chose not to go with Mike, Arvo, and Bonnie. I wanted to make sure little AJ was okay, I would never leave him with Kenny and Jane may leave him (though I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t). Then Arvo shoots Clem like the little punk he is. Later when Jane “loses” AJ, I helped Jane in the fight with Kenny because he is off his rocker. When AJ magically re-appears, I choose to forgive Jane. Then at Carver’s place everyone’s dead and things are looking up. I chose to let the family that came in and everything’s fine. (Well, minus Rebecca being dead, Luke dying, Mike’s group leaving and Kenny’s death.)

I decided to let the family stay because that place was a fortress before Clem and the group messed it up, they could easily develop a place to stay and let in even more people and set up a community. I feel as though Clem will be fine with Jane. It seems Jane sees Clem as a tougher version of her sister, so she would stick around Clem, Jane also pulled Clem out of the water when she went after Luke even though she said she wouldn’t risk her life for anyone.


Overall, The Walking Dead Seasons 1&2 were great experiences. There are things in both that link together so it isn’t one of those games that do a sequel just to make revenue. The ending of Season 2 ended in a car the same way Season 1 began. I even said “watch the road” both times to make myself happy. I feel like Season 2 is better, just because there are more choices and outcomes. In Season 1 if you save Carley or Doug then they’re barely there in the next episode, then they die. In Season 2 if you choose to go to Nick or Pete, then there’s a completely different story line. Season 2 seems more developed (both the story and the gameplay).

This game is highly story based, so some gamers that want a FPS may get discouraged from playing it, however the gameplay matches this story perfectly, decisions on what to say and who to shoot push the story along. Even choosing not to do anything sometimes gets the story going, while in an FPS you would just die.

TWD is a successful piece of literature because it’s a journey. It’s not just a pint and click or point and shoot game, you have to think about your decisions, and because of the decisions you make, Lee or Clementine develop differently, making the story your own. It similar to those old Goosebumps books where if you want to go left turn to page 79 and then you die. Those books had re-readability and you get another story every time. TWD has re-playability where you want to get all the aspects of the story so you replay the game. The story develops in the same manner a book would, you just can’t shoot a few walkers and aide in fighting sequences in books.

**Waits patiently for Season 3**


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