The Walking Dead S2 E3 Decisions


Here’s Episode 1 and Episode 2!

I have Alvin and Nick at the start of this episode. (Yay me for not getting everyone killed!)

Carver needs some anger management therapy. He gets mad at an 11 year old for just looking at a walkie talkie then hits me when I said that I didn’t want to explain my story about it! Kenny is back to normal when were in the truck. Which may be good or bad. I’m leaning towards bad since Sarita (or anyone else) didn’t know how he was before. Now it looks to them as though he’s sapping for the first time when in reality he just snapped back.

The group meets Reggie and I like him, but he’s in denial or just scared. (Could be both.) Nick is convinced that Luke will come and save us and I believe it too so I reassure Nick. Then the next morning Carver comes and with his anger issues tells Carlos to hit Sarah. I had Clem tell Sarah that she should be quiet but the girl would not stop. She needed a lesson but not like that. Maybe a little spanking not smacked in the face like she got in a street brawl!

Clem has to work with Bonnie and I was skeptical about her at first but then I realize that she may actually be ok and not know what’s really going on with Carver. I think she knew something was wrong with this whole place, but she didn’t know what exactly. Clem then gets sent all over the place (and sees Luke yay!) and ends up with Sarah and Reggie in the Greenhouse. I choose not to help Sarah because I’m sick of her. She should know better than to slack off in Carver’s domain! Then it kind of looks like Sarah is about to jump off the roof and I reconsider my actions. But it’s okay because Reggie gets pushed off the roof by carver instead. (Well it’s not good, but good for my conscience.) I told Bonnie what happened to Reggie but not Ken. Bonnie needs to know what’s really going on, but Kenny is already on edge and doesn’t need anything to push him further.

When Luke gets caught I try to say that I found the walkie but then Kenny steps in and gets beat up. I choose to help restrain Sarita because I feel as though Sarita would get hit too. Bonnie comes in and breaks up the fight.

Later that night during the escape, I feel like Alvin could have definitely come with me, but he choose to get his little revenge. I feel as though he was tired of running from Carver and needed to feel like he could fight back.

When it comes to watching Kenny kill Carver I just let the time run down because I really had no clue what to do. Clem ended up leaving with Sarita and she tells me she didn’t know this side of Kenny, but I feel as though she did deep down know something was wrong with him.

All was going well with the escape but then Sarah was being loud and got her dad killed. Then pandemonium breaks out and I chose to tell Sarah to run and she just TOOK OFF AND LEFT ME. I told her to, but a smart person would make sure I was with them. Sarah is not smart. I chose to cut off Sarita’s arm. She would’ve died of the bite, but I think she may die anyway because that axe is NOT sterile. (Plus she wasn’t in the preview for the next episode I think)

During his whole episode I feel as though they see Clementine more as a vote, while Lee was the main decision maker. Even in episode two when with Alvin and Rebecca deciding to give themselves up or not, Clementine was more of a deciding vote. Though this whole thing seems to follow the same feel of Season one, even though Clem has less power. The choices I make changes how people see Clem, and Clem makes her own choices based on how I’ve been playing. I have a friend playing as ‘bad-ass Clem’ and when she let the timer go down when choosing to watch Carver die, Clem chose to watch on her own.

(Spoilers for TWD T.V. show below!)

Now I’m going to get really conspiracy theory and I apologize. Throughout the walking dead game, t.v. show AND comic. It is mainly about how children grow up into this new world. It’s not about people vs. zombies, It’s people vs. people and there’s a neutral party that just tries to eat everyone. From watching the T.V. show, I can see that and eye patch is starting to be common and now Kenny lost an eye. To me I feel like the writers are trying to say that those with an eye patch (the Governor, Carl, and Kenny) lost a part of themselves. Kenny is constantly trying to hide his pain of losing duck and Katjaa. But it just doesn’t work and is slowly breaking him. Carl had to kill his mother, and the Governor lost his daughter (twice sort of). Coincidence that these are all their family members and the characters developed greatly because of their loss? I think not.




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