The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2


Check out what happened in the last episode.

So Clem is with Nick in a barn hiding from walkers and right away I feel like I made the wrong choice. Nick just leaves an 11 year old to hold the door from crazy walkers while getting something to block the door WITHOUT SAYING A WORD. While Clem was sleeping this crazy man starts throwing liquor bottles at the wall! With all these walkers around! I had Clem drink a sip though. Just for kicks and giggles. I convinced Nick to head back with me. Just because he’s stupid and annoying he actually means well, he’s just lost a lot. He even saved Clem when they got surrounded (unlike Ben).  I had Clem go to him to save him even though I wasn’t sure what she could do exactly.

When left alone with Sarah I really see how much like Duck she is! She may even be a bit worse. The fact that Carlos left Clem in charge of her when Clem is clearly younger should say something. I took Sarah’s stupid picture and then Carver just comes strolling into the house. Well I opened the door then regretted my decision and tried to close it. It didn’t work out too well. When talking to Carver I never admitted to knowing Carlos, or Luke and the rest of the group. When the group came back after looking for Luke (who had left to look for Clementine), I took the blame for taking the photo of Sarah that Carver found.

At this point in the game everyone could get lost and leave Clem with Luke. I’d be perfectly content with this arrangement. Then my wishes were answered! Huzzah! I take the small walker on the bridge and everything is great, then Luke falls. Somehow little Clem defeats the walkers and Luke just gets back up. We come across Mathew and when Nick shoots him I don’t really take a side. When the group finds where Mathew was staying I don’t let Rebecca have the peaches from in his trunk. She had been nothing but a nuisance to Clem ad now she wants peaches! Pfff.

Kenny is BACK, he is ALIVE, all is GREAT, except he’s too cheery. He’s hiding something, whether that’s something that happened since I saw him last or if he’s just hiding his true emotions I’m not sure yet. Clem talked with Kenny on the couch and it’s cool that the game brought up Lee’s choices and the outcomes of Season 1.

While wandering around the Cabin I talk to Walter and it’s pretty obvious that the guy Nick shot is Mathew and we’re in deep poop with that situation. After I talked to Sarah and Katja 2.0 I decided to get the star for the tree. It’s what we do at my house and Sarah needs to learn she can’t get everything she wants. At dinner I chose to sit with Kenny. THEN IMMEDIATELY REGRETTED IT BECAUSE OF THE FACE LUKE MADE. I sat with Kenny because I wanted to know more about what happened while I was gone! Though I feel like if I didn’t sit with Kenny he would hate me but Luke would like me either way. When Kenny was bashing Luke’s group I defended him because LUKE.

When the group found out about Mathew I made Clem be the one to tell Nick. He needed to know. I told Nick that either way was a risk when it came to telling Walter the truth. When Walter puts it together, I tell him exactly what happened because he should know the truth. I told Walter that Nick is a nice guy and not like everyone else. I believe that Nick really does mean well, he just doesn’t go about it correctly.

When Carver comes shooting up the place, I choose to stay and help Carlos. To be completely honest I have no clue why I chose to stay, I really should’ve left to find Luke, but alas, I went to aide Carlos and his broken fingers. Poor Walter just get shot so I run to interfere with Carver killing Alvin. It’s crazy because this game I feel more helpless as Clementine, yet the outcomes from my choices are greater. In the last Season with Lee I felt in so much more control, but less was effected.


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