The Walking Dead S2 E1 Decisions


Check out the ending of Season 1 here.

Okay so this game looks like the bomb diggity. I play on my IPad 2 and Season 2 looks a lot better than Season 1. Everything is smoother and nice and lovely. The gameplay is also a little different too. It makes it more interactive. The opening of Season 2 didn’t just continue from where Season 1 left off like I thought. It jumped to a scene where Clem was held up by some little girl. (That scene just so happened to be perfect for a quick tutorial but I digress.) Naturally someone has to die, but instead of some cop you didn’t care about in Season 1, it’s Omid. That’s when I knew this game was going to be a little depressing, at least to start out.

Naturally I wasn’t wrong and it jumped 16 months to show Christa and Clem struggling (with no baby!?). I really want to know what happened in that time, and I hope it’s revealed later. Christa and Clem get separated and I was terrified Clem was going to be a lone, but she found a dog. Then the dog bit her. So I killed him (after he was impaled with the pole things). Cujo bit me and he needed to go, he deserved it. So Clem has a dog bite and passes out and I’m depressed. Then Luke and Pete show up and carry Clem away. Luke dropped Clem when he saw the bite (which was rude). I’m honest to them about my name, how I got there and the bite. Clem passes out AGAIN and then I tell the same thing to the group in the Cabin.

I feel as though I have less control with Clem. With Lee, people believed him more and didn’t second guess his strength. When people see little Clem by herself, no one believes her and wonders how she even made it. It’s agitating. When I sneak into the barn to gather supplies to stitch up the bite, I only eavesdrop a little and I hear a whole lot of fear-talk about some guy named Carver. Rebecca seemed the most afraid of him in the conversation.

When I finally found all the medical supplies (and ran into Duck 2.5, Sarah) It was super uncomfortable that the sewing of the wound wasn’t a cut scene and I actually had to do it. (She cussed and I think she learned that from Lee!) I thought Clementine was going to pass out for a third time. The Cabin Group walk into the shed when Clem had just killed a walker, I’m trying to go with sweet and sassy Clem rather than tough Clem with my answers, so I just asked if I could come in now. I decided to forgive Nick, even though he reminds me of Ben’s low-self-esteem and Kenny’s overall craziness.  While talking to Luke I tell him all about Lee. I think that it’s surprising that Clem talks more about Lee than she did her parents, talking about her parents is barely an option at times. When Rebecca confronted Clem while she was just enjoying some food, I didn’t even reply to her. She wasn’t worth words.

In the final scene I chose to run towards Nick. Pete had gotten bit and there wasn’t a point in running towards him. Then Nick started yelling at me that I could have saved Pete. Uh hello, you thought Clem couldn’t take care of herself? Anyways, the game then goes into what’s going to happen in the next episode and I really regret my choice because there’s Nick drinking looking like Kenny 2.0. This is Pandemonium.

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