The Walking Dead S1 E5 Decisions

SPOILERS!!! (look at the foreshadowing on the picture alone, UGH!)

I previously played Episode 1, Episode 2Episode 3 and Episode 4.

At the start of this episode I have Christa, Omid, and Ben. These crazy people decide it would be a great idea to cut off my arm but I refuse. Too much time passed since Lee was bit, plus I knew it wouldn’t matter anyway. I take some time to talk to Ben and he’s slowly growing on me. When the group heads back to Kenny, we find that Vernon stole the boat which is just fantastic. Kenny and Ben duke it out which isn’t very surprising but it needed to happen. Ben’s story about how he never even had a family to lose was really hitting me right in the feels.

The house gets invaded and I have to kill Walker-Brie which doesn’t faze me one bit because her group stole our boat. The group makes a stand in the hallway and I only used two bullets, I dropped my gun on the way to the attic but lovely Ben picked it up. He’s really turning himself around. I lost my temper with Kenny and threw a bust at a wall. But surprise surprise, that’s the way out of the attic! While Kenny is hacking away at the wall with a coat rack I tell Omid and Christa that I want them to take Clem when I die. Clementine likes her and this way she has two people to look after her. Kenny is just too unstable and I don’t want Clem to be alone. I’m pretty positive Christa is pregnant and I’m super ashamed of her when she takes a drink from Kenny. I talk to Kenny about Katjaa and say he had done everything he could but he’s Kenny so he just stays upset with me.

Once we get out of the house we reach a balcony Ben falls while trying to jump to the rootop. Surprisingly Kenny jumps after him and then it gets pretty obvious that Ben isn’t going to make it because he has metal impaled into his tummy. I gave Kenny my gun and hopefully he fought his way out! I told Christa and Omid the truth about what happened because why lie? Kenny chose to jump in and save Ben, and he chose to stay with Ben as well. I did nothing wrong.

After some walking along rooftops, Lee, Omid, and Christa come across a wobbly sign to walk across and I choose to go first because I’m going to die anyway. The sign breaks of course and I tell Omid and Christa to meet me by the train tracks outside of town, because this town is hopeless and maybe they can take the train somewhere else, then get far enough away from the tracks to avoid the walkers.

Here’s where the pandemonium REALLY starts. Lee like the bad-ass he is fights through all the walkers (I died a bit but let’s not talk about my mistakes here). When Lee gets to the hotel and meets Crazy-Stranger-Guy I put all my weapons down because I feel like crazy people just know when you’re lying. I learned that it’s his stuff that the group stole from the car in the woods way back! Oopsie. Then Crazy-Stalker-Guy brings up how Lee is such an awful person for doing this and that, and sometimes I defended my past choices while other times I chose the option that was sort of neutral. Clementine ends up killing him and that means she’s growing and learning from Lee, and can take care of herself.

Lee had a little run-in with a walker when the Crazy-Stalker-Guy fight was over and it didn’t bite him. It’s arguable if this is because of the walker blood already on him (which didn’t look like that much to me, and there was none where the walker sniffed but I digress) or if it’s because the bite already has him so far gone that he smells like them. Lee decided it would be a great idea to spread walker goop on Clem and it’s the most discussing thing so far right next to Clem almost eating Mark, mainly because I had to tap and do it myself.

After a little more pandemonium (Seeing Clem’s walker parents!), Lee and Clem end up locked into a store and I ask Clem to handcuff Lee to the radiator because he’s as good as dead. I let Clementine decide what to do with Lee and she chooses to leave him. This ending was almost sadder than Clem shooting Lee (like I chose the first time I played) because Clem looks back at Lee and Lee just slumps over the radiator lifeless and it’s just SAD. I told Clementine to find Omid and Christa, and to keep moving. We’ll see how Clem turns out in Season Two of The Walking Dead.

I’m sad.


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