The Walking Dead S1 E4 Decisions


I previously played Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 3.

I would like to start off by saying that this episode that this episode was complete pandemonium (Just as I predicted). Also, I’m giving up the “I” vs “Lee” thing and am just flip flopping. I am Lee and Lee is me, we’ve been through too much together.

The tension in the group at the beginning of the episode is ridiculous per usual. I try to keep everyone happy and stay neutral but I think Kenny still hates Lee. Even though Lee saves him from that walker! When the walkers in the street surround Ben and Clem, BEN LEAVES LIKE THE PUNK HE IS and Chuck had to step in and save the day! (Then he gets surrounded and somehow ends up being eaten in a sewer but we won’t ask questions about that.) Before the group enters the house, I talk to Omid and Christa and Christa is really upset. I calm Christa down by reassuring Omid and making him happy. I try to talk to Kenny but he’s grumpy and annoying. So I talk to Ben, whom is also annoying but I try to be nice with him and his low self-esteem. I also talk to Clem and instead of calmly talking to her about her parents, Clem gets upset and I didn’t mean for her to! Interactions are hard.

Clementine is really growing by this point, she outsmarts everyone and scuttles in through the doggie door, I gently warned Clem not to run off and do things. I’m able to get Clem to tell Lee and Christa about this mysterious creepy guy from the walkie, she says he’s her friend (Ha!). In the house Kenny finds a walker in the attic that looks like Duck. I make Kenny shoot the walker because he really needs to face things and he seemed bent up that he couldn’t do it before.

In the search to find a boat I actually leave Ben with some responsibility because he needs to get his self-worth up. But not to keep an eye on Clem again because I know he can’t do that, so I told Ben to watch Omid while Kenny and I set off to find a boat. While on a ridiculous mission to find a stupid quarter for the telescope I see a mysterious Molly and attempt to sneak up on her. I actually won (unlike my previous play-through) and Molly told me about the infamous Crawford and that she rang the bells that caused pandemonium for the group. Clementine had shown up out of nowhere and I was not ok with it, this little girl is breaking all of the rules this episode. Then I got separated from Molly, Clem, and Kenny and went into a sewer. After another puzzle I forgot how to solve, I meet Vernon and he didn’t shoot me because I’m such a smooth talker. I also asked Vernon to accompany me back through the tunnels because I always get lost in places. After I head back to the house and see Molly calmly rummaging through everything and Kenny getting drunk because we couldn’t find a boat, I start to freak out a little bit because Clem was missing. I know she’s ok because I played before, but the music ambiance mixed with the fact that I couldn’t remember exactly where she was made me panic a little. She was of being helpful per usual and found a boat in the shed. Now Kenny can calm down!

Of course things have to be difficult and the boat Clem finds needs parts, and I voted we sneak into Crawford to get the items and medicine for Omid and Vernon. I let Clementine come along because she has been following me around and being helpful all day anyway. When we get into Crawford we see it’s over run and hide in the school. I have a heart to heart conversation with Ben and he really does have some issues but I’m nice to Ben anyway. After a few puzzles (and a miss click death), I go to help Christa and Vernon and find some interesting tapes in the office. I decide to watch the last tape since I didn’t do so the first time around and my beloved Molly has some issues and did some naughty things with the doctor she was slicing up earlier!

FullSizeRender (3)

Ben was really stupid and took the hatchet off the door that was keeping the walkers out. I was starting to forget why I was nice to him at this point. Clem is the best kid in the whole world and shoots the walker that would have killed Molly when I couldn’t and I was the happiest person in the world. Then Ben ruins my good mood and chooses the worst moment in history to tell Kenny that everything is his fault, and at this point I side with Kenny because I couldn’t take him anymore. I voted to abstain from leaving Ben behind because Clem said that she wanted to keep him. Clem is the only reason I saved Ben from falling to his demise. I died a bit before that too. Whoops.

Back at the house Vernon says that he wants to take Clem with him and I was accidentally rude to him. I only wanted to tell him off a little bit, not to the extent Lee took it. Then Molly unfortunately leaves and I got a hug from her! Which is probably because my smooth talking skills came into effect once again and I showed compassion when she explained her past.

This is where the real pandemonium begins. Clem gets upset when I say we can’t find her parents right now and sneaks away with the walkie in the morning. Then (BIG Spoiler here) Lee gets Bit in the process to find her and I decide to show the bite to the group. Christa, Omid and Ben accompany me to go find Clementine and I guess Kenny will always hate me no matter what I do. Kenny just senses that it’s me playing and hates me for it (but he did stay I could still get on his boat even though I’m bit).

Overall this game is still one of my favorites. The story is still smooth and now that I’m playing it again I’m wondering how it will affect my ending. This story really drags you in and gets you attached to the characters. I love the characters Clem, Molly, Omid, Christa and (loved) Carley like I’m there with them and hated Duck and hate Ben like they actually offended me personally. Kenny’s just a person I want to like me, in the way I wanted the popular kids to like me in high school.


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