The Walking Dead S1 E3 Decisions


I’ve already played Episode 1 and Episode 2.

This episode starts out with Kenny and Lee searching for supplies, and then a woman comes out of nowhere and starts screaming and ruining everything. I shoot the woman and Kenny gets upset with Lee because he has no morals. While grabbing supplies I feel extremely rushed because I want to get all of them, but the game said that I got plenty of supplies even though I feel like I grabbed just a few things.

Back at the motel there’s immediate issues and Lilly is being extremely paranoid about a broken flashlight. In the last play through I told everyone about my arrest and this time around I chose not to reveal my past, I never even talked to Carley. So I go on the hunt with Duck (whom I did not want to help me) which leads me to finding the meds Lilly was saying were stolen. I don’t like Lilly but I’m not particularly mean to her in conversation, because I know she’s right even though she isn’t going about it the correct way. (I was also very rude to her the first time I played, and I’m going with “nice Lee” this time around.)

After a fight and flee after the bandits attack (and after Duck gets bit), Lilly starts blaming Carley for taking the meds and then kills her, AND tells Kenny about Lee’s past. The only reason I kept Lilly was because I left her the first time around.

Duck’s bite gets bad and I talk Kenny into stopping the train instead of fighting him. I chose to shoot duck, and followed through with it after Katjaa committed suicide. After we find the train Lilly ends up taking the RV. Go figure. Then, after a puzzle to start the stupid train (that still took me forever even though I played before) Chuck, the seemingly nice homeless man, tells Lee to cut Clementine’s hair, and teach her to shoot. I listened to Chuck mostly because I didn’t know what else to do to keep the story going.

After a while on the train the group runs into a gas truck blocking the way and Omid and Christa on the overpass. I’m nice to Omid and Christa because the group really needs more people, and I know they mean well. (The first time around I was extremely rude). I also immediately told them about Lee’s past because I have learned my lesson of not telling people things. After trouble with walkers at the train stop with Lee and Clem (who should not have been allowed to come in the first place) the road block problem is solved, but then thousands of walkers start to approach. Which was foreshadowed in the last chapter when Lee said the train was loud, and it’s a very obvious outcome of so much noise headed in one direction but we’ll ignore those things. Last time I played, I pushed Omid onto the train so I chose against it this time, but when choosing to pull Omid and Chirsta onto the train I chose Omid first because his leg is busted.

Kenny is still all about his search for a boat plan and I tell him about Lee and Clem’s plan to find her parents. (Personally I somewhat agree with Kenny’s plan. There is definitely no walkers in the ocean, but where will he GO? And what about food and fresh water? Kenny’s plan just needs to be a bit more developed.) Out of nowhere Clem’s walkie-talkie goes off and some crazy man is talking and I know there’s more pandemonium to come in the next episode.

While I was playing this episode my player/character relationship with Lee (as talked about in this post) is changing. The relationship is moving away from me playing God and controlling him, to me imaging myself in his shoes. Even while writing this post I sometimes almost put “we” instead of “the group” and “I” instead of “Lee”. I use “I” when talking about a decision that I made for Lee, but then use “Lee” if the game has him do something. So far this play through is better than the last one! I’m making different decisions so Kenny doesn’t completely hate Lee, and Lee stays on good terms with everyone else. Last time I played everyone hated Lee and it was extremely difficult for me to get things done and convince people of things.

From a designer/writer’s perspective, there seems a good balance between story and game play (at least for this type of game). Every episode has at least one puzzle, and a chance to walk around and get more background on the characters if you want, and react to those backgrounds how you want. There is also enough of the main story that if I didn’t talk to someone I wouldn’t miss anything super important.


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