The Walking Dead S1 E2 Decisions


I already played episode 1 and you can find my little review here.

Okay so we’re three months past when Larry punched me and knocked me flat in the pharmacy. There’s some new guy (Mark) asking me things about Kenny and Lilly. So, naturally, I’m going to be on Kenny’s side! While hunting with Mark, we come cross some jocks and their coach. Now I’ve played the game before but I did not remember what to do here at all, so I sort of messed up and left the coach to die (after I got two chops of his leg in… oops). Mark, Kenny, Ben, Ben’s friend and Lee head back to camp and there’s a lovely cut scene where you can see everyone at the Motel, how the group has changed, and how the camp is set up. It was also a bad idea to give Larry the axe, because he misses when Ben’s friend turns into a walker. I was very upset.

Immediately after the establishing cut scene, Lilly and Kenny start fighting and I chose to stay neutral. Then get yelled at by Kenny (ugh). When Lilly asked me to give out rations, I chose to give food to Clem (of course!), Mark because he goes through so much later, and Lilly because I think I want her to like me this time around. I offered some food to Kenny but then he wanted me to give it to Duck (and I didn’t want to so… no.), and I offered it to Carley but she refused so I kept it for myself just as she asked. So far all Carley really did was see Andy and Danny from the Dairy farm and make my choice for food easier, maybe Doug was a better decision. I went willingly to the dairy farm and when asked about my past I was honest.

From a designer’s perspective, making Carley go back to the Motel and staying there is genius. Otherwise they would have to write two different stories for Doug and Carley at the farm, they would also have to draw them into the scene and take in account their own personalities and how they would react to things and that’s a little much.

After a while at the Farm there’s an attack from the Bandits and they scream some suspicious things such as “we had an agreement”, “arrangement” and “where’s our food”. After the incident I didn’t go to the camp right away. I got Kenny’s input on the farm and made sure Clementine was ok. I feel like the more I talk to Clementine the better she develops and adapts to this environment.

At the bandit camp I accidentally miss clicked to shoot Jelene so I exited the game and re-did it. The second time around I learned she had a daughter, but then it started to sound like she thought Clem was her daughter! (I didn’t hear all of this my first time I played.) So then I shot her, because that’s crazy. Back at the camp when I give Clem back her hat she said the barn smelled like “Shit” which goes back to my idea that she adapts to how and when I talk to her so perhaps I shouldn’t have said that in season 1.

When I said Mark would go through a lot later… well his legs become diner and I barely stopped Clem from eating it. When all the pandemonium died down and we end up in the holding area in the barn, I don’t choose anything when it comes to helping Larry, and just like in Season one at the motel, staying neutral worked! Lilly wasn’t upset with me and Kenny was only slightly agitated instead of pissed at me! I didn’t kill Danny when we got out. I felt like Danny was pushing me into doing it, so out of spite I didn’t do it. I am also trying to make Lee the nice neutral guy (unlike the first time I played). I also didn’t kill Andy, for the same reason. Carley came to the rescue during my fight with Andy though by shooting him in the ear, I have no idea what Doug would’ve done in this situation.

Somehow I didn’t die at all during this season even with all my miss-clicks. Compared to episode 1, this episode was PANDEMONIUM. Episode 1 was still introducing the game, but this one really got into the story, and how The Walking Dead is more about People vs. People rather than People vs. Zombies.


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