The Walking Dead S1 E1 Decisions


I have played this game once before, and am trying to choose different options. I am also playing the game on my IPad, which makes the quick-time events easier in my opinion.

First, let’s talk about the opening of the game. I loved how the background story and a tutorial was put into one. A lot of video games have an intro cut scene then a tutorial afterwards that I wish I could skip, but with this game the background is being told while you get used to looking around, selecting options, and becoming familiar with the main character: Lee. It’s interesting to be playing a game as (technically) the bad guy. Lee had murdered a man for being with his wife, yet it is sort of irrelevant comparing to the apocalypse.

When it comes to the decision of leaving at daylight or nighttime with Clementine, I chose daylight because daylight just seems like the safest option. When I got to Hershel’s farm after meeting Shawn and irrelevant guy #1, I didn’t lie to Hershel (unlike the last play through) but he still didn’t believe me, and gave me a speech about being honest! (Maybe I accidently lied and didn’t know it.) When silly Duck accidentally got Shawn stuck between a tractor and walkers I chose to save Duck (because I already knew what would happen) and decided with siding with Duck’s father, Kenny, when we got to the pharmacy. Though I did stay quiet most of the time this play through. In the pharmacy, I gave the energy bars to Clementine, Duck (even though I didn’t want to) and Carley. I chose Clementine because she’s like a daughter to Lee, Duck because I want to keep Kenny liking me, and Carley because I have to keep her stamina up so she can shoot! While trying to get into the other section of the pharmacy I decided to tell the truth to clementine about my past. I told her that Lee killed a man that wasn’t a zombie, told her Lee’s family owns the place, but I did avoid the question about If Lee had kids.

Glen found a survivor at the motel while looking for gas and I decided to do nothing when she asked for the gun but she took the gun anyway! I’m glad I decided to do nothing though because this way neither Glen nor Carley had bad blood with Lee. When the pharmacy went up in flames after we got back and into the medicine section of the pharmacy, I decided to save Carley. It’s the same decision I made the first time around and I stuck to it because Doug doesn’t really do anything except somehow know every code to program a remote.

Overall I really enjoy this game because it has enough of a story to keep me interested and enough puzzles and quick-time events to keep me from getting bored. Me being a fan of The Walking Dead T.V. show helps with enjoyment of this game as well.

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