Retro Imagination



The Sims 4 is my favorite game at the moment. Is it a role-playing/simulation game where you can create a sim (whom are getting increasingly more realistic with each new game) and then do as you please with their lives. You could live your dream life as a doctor, or steal for a living. There’s an unlimited amount of choices for the game, and if you somehow figured out all of them there’s expansion packs for even more to do. The Sims 4 has gone a long way from the original The Sims. The graphics increased as well as different options for what to do with your Sim. (Below is a screenshot of The Sims original game)

the sims1

It’s nearly impossible to imagine this game for the Atari 2600. Though this image below (of an unknown Atari game) is how I would imagine it looking. I feel as though the game may still be slightly interesting, but more of a platform game where you could just jump up to your kitchen. Yet, a platformer without a real end goal would be tricky to keep player’s attention. The only purpose of the Arari Sims would be to take care of yourself, and after a while only walking to the kitchen then back to bed would get boring.

atari 2600


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