Web Type VS. Print Type

Print typography is easier to control. The designer can control line length, column length, size, and placement of text directly, ad it will be uniform in al of their prints. If the line length is too long, the designer can put in hard returns to get the desired look for their typography. If they want the text in a certain position, they can just move it. There is also a bigger variety of fonts to use and the possibilities are endless. Check out some beautiful type posters via designshack.net


It is much easier to edit print typography to match the designs planned out. The designer can edit text with just a few clicks, but web designers can’t. Web typography varies from browser to browser. A web designer couldn’t use hard returns to make sure their page looks the same on every page. The end result would be awkward line lengths on some viewports and browsers. Though web designers can get creative with their fonts as of 2010. New web fonts that are hosted online offers a larger variety than the traditional web-safe fonts and pave the way for a variety of different websites. Check out beautiful web typography via hellohappy.org. All of the fonts from hellohappy page are fonts from Google fonts and can be clicked to send you to the google fonts page. From there, the fonts can be downloaded to use in planning and other designs, and also usable strait from the website. As shown below, web typography can’t interact as closely with each other as the example above, but it can create a faster load time, (because it eliminated the graphics that were used to keep branding through type consistent) and searchable pages.


Print type has its perks, (you can use type to create beautiful images) but you can’t click on the typography on a poster to get you to another beautiful page.


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