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A portfolio website is needed to showcase your design work. Show what you can do and allow employees to see your work and contact you. It should include a logo, tagline, services, a resume, about me, contact information, blog (if you have one), call to action, links to social networking sites (if they are appropriate, strong copy, and of course your work! When you create a design portfolio it should show off your personality. You should also consider how your personal brand will benefit your possible clients or employers.

The logo is the main selling point for a blog, it is usually what the viewer sees first and it represents your designs and your brand. Two of the best portfolio logs I have found are Mighty Nice and Valerie Martinez.  Mighty Nice shows their name in bright colors and bold shapes which makes up the cartoons they create. Valarie Martinez’ logo is more elegant like her work.

mightynicemn mightymice

The portfolio/work sections of a portfolio website may be the most important, if the layout is too confusing the user might click away. These two websites have the best portfolio sections from what I found. and

Brice Darmon is a Photo portfolio and he separated his work by color. Creative knight has graphic design and web work, that shows a piece of the work then you click on the image to get the full project.

The about me section is where clients and possible employers learn a little about you, from my research some of the most unique ones were… and and

Apparatus has four sections on the about page: the company, the process, the duo and the studio. If sites split up their about page content, not many sites lay out sections like they did! Perky bros includes a stylized image on their about page and also has a history section. 1md’s work is all video based, so on their contact page they have a gif moving but it isn’t very distracting and overall well done.

The contact info page and the about page are sometimes the same. These are two that I fond unique. and

Mike us has his contact and about information on the same page along with social media links. He used his Instagram photos as a sort of second portfolio on the about page so his website looks consistent. Panic’s website just has all their contact information on the bottom of the page and doesn’t have a separate page for it.


A resume page is harder to find on web portfolio pages. From what I found these were the most interesting… and

Kenny Barela has his resume laid out like an info graphic, and you can just glance at it and get a good gist of what he does. Sam Profeta showed his package designs though his resume by creating a milk carton!

All of these websites have great designs overall and have great ideas for an online portfolio.

My Research

Top 40 Minimal Portfolio Websites

Awwwards Portfolio websites

10 Steps to Creating Your Freelance Brand Personality–fsw-31914

10 Steps to the Perfect Portfolio Website

Portfolio Design Study: Design Patterns and Current Practices


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